Invisalign: A Replacement for Braces? Part 3

March 2, 2011

If given a choice…“I would choose Invisalign” and here’s why:

I would NOT have said that a year or two ago.  Until recently, it was my opinion that Invisalign was highly marketed product that simply did not achieve the consistent superior quality results I expect as a trained Orthodontic Specialist.  That has now changed with the development and release of Invisalign Teen and Invisalign Generation 3 in 2010.

Much to Invisalign’s credit Align Technology, the manufacturer of Invisalign, has diligently researched and technically improved their product to the point that results are now comparable to those achieved with fixed braces when diagnosed and utilized correctly.

SO…why would I choose Invisalign?

1. The Cost, Treatment Time and Final Results are now relatively equal.

This statement may not be true at all Orthodontic Providers.  It is in fact true at Douglas County Orthodontics; we charge a very similar fee for either Invisalign or fixed braces.  Furthermore, it is now my professional opinion that both methods of treatment if diagnosed correctly and provided by a fully trained Orthodontic Specialist will finish with similar great results in about the same time.

2. Invisalign is more comfortable to straighten your teeth.

Generally speaking, pain is not a big problem in orthodontics today with all the new techniques.  However, this is not to imply there is no discomfort at all with either fixed braces or Invisalign, which can be extremely variable from person to person.  Overall though, it is my experience that there are less complaints or reports of pain from our patients wearing Invisalign verses patients wearing fixed braces.

3. Invisalign is completely removed to brush and floss your teeth.

This is where Invisalign “shines”!! Because the aligners are removable from the mouth you can clean, floss and brush your teeth as you always have.  This is obviously not possible for fixed braces…nothing more needs to be said.  This alone can be the sole deciding factor for some people especially many teenagers to choose Invisalign.

4. Invisalign is less likely to cause injuries and irritations.

Again, another obvious big advantage Invisalign has over braces.  Invisalign is just smoother than fixed braces.  Consequently, braces are more likely to rub raw spots on your cheeks and gums, as well as be the cause of additional injury if the mouth area is bumped or bruised.

5. Invisalign is generally “thought” to be more Socially Acceptable.

Most of you would agree, Invisalign is more socially acceptable but actually this is really your personal opinion.  How important it is for you to hide or display your orthodontic braces or Invisalign is your choice.  Thankfully, the world is made up of all types, those that proudly display a mouth full of braces full of different colors and others who will not even smile with Invisalign in.

The Bottom Line

First and foremost…find a fully trained orthodontic specialist so you have a choice between fixed braces and Invisalign.  Generally speaking, only an orthodontist is fully trained in all the tools in the World of Orthodontics.  Without that prerequisite, you really don’t have a choice, do you?  Ask your dentist if they offer fixed braces as well as Invisalign…if they don’t; are you receiving the best recommendation or the ONLY recommendation available?

After that…you decide…there is no wrong answer, so relax.

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